As hurtful as this may sound, this is far often true.

May gamers will insist that ones online friends are as real and as good as real life friends.
While these friends in the virtual world of your on-line game act, support, and protect you as a real friend would, the limits of this friendship end with the game.

On-line gamers often spend many hours building their on-line friendships and relationships, filtering those individuals they do not trust or those who do not share the same ideals and goals.  Gamers spend time rallying their friends, supporting each other by creating and running quests, helping each other level and helping players with all kinds of tasks like finding their epic or a specific item. Sometimes, if the friendships are strong enough, the gamer will even counseling people both in and out of game with real life issues.

Although this is friendship, it is only given for as long as the gamers keep playing the on-line game. These friendships typically end when one leaves the game, or shortly after. There was never a single instance where on-line gaming friends remain good friends when one of them leaves the game. Often the friendship diminshes because the lack of constant communication and appearance within an on-line game.

Typically strong on-line friendships will remain intact for approximately 2 months after a player leaves the game. E-Mail, forum, chat room, and instant messaging communication continue for a while. Soon both parties realize that they are in two separate worlds now. One person is still an on-line gamer, spend much of his time in the game and find they want to spend less and less time trying to communicate with a friend who no longer plays. The other person now realizes that they don’t want to spend time talking about the latest quest because they no longer play the game and therefore find more valuable things in which to spend time.

Most players leave a game with the intention of keeping in touch with a handful of their "closest" friends from the game. They believe the rapport built up between them and their friends would help their friendships last over a long period of time. They are always wrong. Gamers who’ve recently quit soon realize that they’ve isolated all their real life friends, and have also lost all of their on-line friends by quitting.

The on-line friendships will soon vanish, no matter how much time one spends e-mailing their buddies, posting within the on-line game message boards, or even instant messaging. The gamers still within the on-line game will start to reply with less and less detail as to how they were doing, and sooner or late, the person who left will never hear from them again. Sometimes the person who left the on-line game will grow tired of hearing about the latest raid of quest and eventually stop responding on their own.

What once was your best on-line friends will no longer have any time for you. Very sad, but this is why recovered on-line gamers know that on-line friendship and relationship does not carry over to the real world. Soon, a gamer who recently quit, will start to realize how empty the vast majority of on-line friendships and realtionships are.

Addicted gamers will isolate their real life friends, just as you’ve done to yours. Guess what?  When you’ve quit, you’re now a real life friend to them, and they will isolate you.