If youre like me when I was younger, you probably have lots of ideas about what you want to be.

I couldnt decide between being a doctor or a nurse, and as a male, sometimes theres a stigma associated with being a male nurse. However, despite my mother and other people pushing my toward being an MD, I chose to go into a nursing career, and I started as a CNA. Being a Certified Nursing Assistant is great, primarily because you get to spend a lot of time working directly with patients, and this helps you develop your skills while learning how to be compassionate, understanding, and great caregiver.

The truth is that it may be easier to become a CNA that it is to become a nurse, and some people may choose to become a CNA first to test the waters of nursing to see if they like it, and then move on to nursing. One reason for this may be that taking CNA classes compared to going through an entire RN program may less, and a person may also be able to earn money working as a CNA while they are going to nursing school, making the potential benefits are two-fold; they may be able to earn money to help pay for nursing school, and also develop their skills which may make certain aspects of nursing school easier, such as the clinical portion due to the experience that a person may gain while working as a CNA.

Basically, the process of getting your CNA certification begins with school, and CNA classes. You have to attend a class that general lasts a couple of months, then complete your clinicals, and then pass the state boards, just like you would for nursing, but again, the path to becoming a CNA actually takes a lot less time. That doesnt mean its a walk in the park or easy though; youll need to pay attention and make sure that you study hard, just like you would for any other class.

Once you complete your training and get listed in your states nurse aide registry, you can start looking for a job. A common place to find a job is in a nursing home or health care facility, although there are many private companies that hire CNAs as home health aides. If you end up working for one of these companies, youll be able to go out to patients houses and youll provide care in that setting. In that situation, youll be doing things like helping with meals, hygiene, transportation, mobility, and other similar duties.

This is actually very rewarding work, and most people take great pride in it, and they also end up really getting to know their patients and enjoying the time they spend helping them. Stay tuned for more blog posts about life as a CNA, and the medical industry in general!