The Simon-Dach Straße is one of my favourite streets in Berlin. In the weekends it can be a bit too crowded but during the week it still has this great “Berliner-vibe” to it.

Besides some laidback bars you can find about 5 different Berliner clubs around the corner in the Revaler Straße. The

The burger place called 5Places is located in this street and offers delicious burgers for a very reasonable price.

The large imbiss offers homemade sauces and you can also create your personal dream burger.

The largeer burgers of 5places start at 3,80€ and the more impressive ones cost about double that price.

An extra portion of fries can be bought for a humble extra 2€.

The large place offers seats for about 10 people and has added two tables outside in front of the entrance.

5Places is definitely worth a visit because of their great burgers and great location.

Vegetarian: There are two different veggie-burgers on the menu. The first is made with Halloumi and the second is a real veggie-burger.

Obviously, you can also create your own vegetarian burger.
Berlin-Enjoy Tip: If you are very hungry you should try the Double Beef Burger. It is great. Besides that, you should also try the homemade sauces.

Price: 3,80€ – 7,50€
Size of the Burger: 8/10
Taste of the Burger: 9/10
Vegetarian Burger: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Summary: A sharp price, great location and definitely one of the better burgers in Berlin.
Total Grade: 8,8

Name: 5 Places Friedrichshain
Address: Simon-Dach Straße 30

The "restaurant" of 5places

The “restaurant” of 5places